Press Releases
Banks Roll Out Annual Percentage Rate Pricing with Launch of “Credit Calculator” Website and Mobile App
July, 2014

Commercial banks in Kenya will begin disclosing to loan applicants the components that make up the total cost of credit as a percentage known as the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). This follo

Banks Adopt Annual Percentage Rate Calculation Method for Consumer Loans
May, 2014

Commercial banks in Kenya have begun the pilot implementation of the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) pricing mechanism, which will enable consumers to compare different bank loan costs based on standa

Low lending rates are in the interest of banks too

Discussions about interest rates are often more emotive than those of other market prices. That is the case, I could argue, because being the price of money interest rates have the unique characteristic of simultaneously evoking hope and fear. Tha


In 2012 the Kenya Bankers Association launched its online social media platform "My Chat with a Bank CEO". The CEO chat is a quarterly event that is hosted by bank CEOs. Each CEO hosts an hour-long topic on various areas that bank customers are keen to learn more about.